Last update: 2022.04.27 (Build in progress)

What data we collect?

We store all the information in form of Discord ID.
ID is 18 digits number, publicly available for every Discord user. Every server, category, channel, thread, user, bot and role has unique ID.
Bot requires this data:
- server ID (used to identify your server and create your server settings in the database)
- server owner ID (used to check whether the person is authorized to receive information or change server settings not from bot settings interface)
- server prefix (used to execute commands that are not on the slash commands list)
- channels IDs (specified by user in the settings, used to identify channels on which bot post appropriate messages)
- role IDs (specified by user in the settings, used to identify role to ping when post new message)
- timestamp when bot joined the server (used by bot owner for statistics purpose)
- timestamp of last saved settings (used to inform server owner when and who last time changed bot settings)

Bot collects all errors that may occurred while using the application. All error logs may contain your server ID and channel ID where error occurred.
Error logs are stored securely and only bot owner has access to them. We do not collect any personal information, nor the message content.

Deleting saved settings:

All of the data related to you and your server, will be deleted immediately when you kick bot from the server.